2021 has been probably been one of the fastest passed, & outrageously epic years of our lives.

If we are going to be honest, most of us are probably still trying to process 2020, & it’s nearly 2022.

All I want for Christmas, is for the government to stay the fuck away from our children!!

They can cancel Christmas & lockdown all they want, but they’re not getting away with coming after our children, are they?

Are Humanity frozen in fear?

Maybe 2022 will be the time to collectively manifest the worldwide Revolution?

Are you ready to RISEUP & RESIST TYRANNY?

We are more powerful than they want us to realise, remember?

Don’t let the Satanic’s inject,& metaverse Mother Earth’s Children !

It’s time to Stand up for the children, NOW!

This is NOT a Drill!

#savethekids #saveourchildren



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