Book a session with Shakti

Space Connection Conscious Creations,by Shakti Ji holding space. @spaceconnection_

Book a session with Yogini & Energy Healer Shakti Ji.

Shakti offers loving guidance & empowerment, to step into our Power, & stay there.
Acquire tools to feel grounded with Mother Earth, & connected to our Higher-selves.
Learn Sacred Mantras,& mindfulness, using breath work & meditation, for self healing, & ascension of consciousness. Activate & balance the chakra system, open the Pineal gland/ Third eye chakra.

Shakti offers Wisdom,
World wide experience,
Spiritual Mentoring,
Kundalini Energy healing,
Reiki energy healing,
Indian head Massage,
Estatic Dance,
Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls,
Cacao & Sacred plant Ceremony,
Yoga & Healing retreats,
Lightcoded Activation,
Meditation & Mindfulness Guidance,
Balance, unblock & activate the chakra system,
Opening & activating the Third eye chakra.
Learn Tantra, Mantra, Yantra,& Mudras.
Shakti Women’s Circles,
Event Management,

Space Connection’s alternative Music, & artistic Conscious events are non alcohol, non chemicals, & Organic plant based alkaline diet.

We believe that Mother Nature provides all that we need to live abundantly.

For gentle ascension, on this journey to 5D consciousness, for Reiki & Kundalini Energy healing, & Spiritual Guidance, DM @spaceconnection_ to book a Divine session with Shakti.

Sessions are by booking only, & can be received by zoom, in person, or in groups & private events.

•• Prices vary •• Book on website (link in bio)

Shakti Ji, Mother, Sister, Friend, Lightworker, Starseed, Wayshower, Artist, Yogini, in her 22nd year Yoga discipline,Meditation, Kundalini Breathe work, Dakini dancer, Energy Healer.

Shakti has extensive experience practicing Shamanism, on her life long self healing journey, mastering her gifts from the Goddess.

Space Connection tours Worldwide, with these bespoken unique, & Magical conscious creations.

Booking in the menu bar, “ Book a session with Shakti “

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