Where were you in ‘92?

Where were you in ‘92? ✨

Found some of my old skool CDs, & my car is ancient enough, that it still has a CD player, so we listened to this, I ❤️ 1992, on the preschool run, this morning, the CD somehow still works, & I must say, the 90s was some decade for the tunes! 🤩✨🤩✨

We must pass the musical knowledge to the youth, my toddler loves a bita Techno Trance, sure, who doesn’t?! 😂

Where were you in ‘92?
It’s a Long time ago!! I was 9! It was the first year I left Ireland for a holiday abroad, will never forget it, we went to Disney World in Florida 🇺🇸 in 1992! This was the sound track to that trip! 😂

My eldest sister, who’s 7 yrs older than me, was clubbing then, so she used to have a good CD selection, & great taste in music, so I used to borrow her CDs, for a house party in my bedroom, & have a dance!

Same like this morning with my Toddler… dancing to da 90’s! 😂✨❤️

Some things never change really, only music ain’t like what it used to be, eh?!

Where were you, in ‘92?


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