The Truth is more dangerous than the vaccine 💉

Truth is going to bring on a mass awakening!

When all the jabbies realise you’ve been played, you’ll join us, & we will welcome you.

It’s not vaccinated against unvaccinated, it’s we the people, the 99% against the world governments, who are most definitely conspiring against the people, to further oppress & enslave us, into a dystopian New World Order.
Agenda 21 is already happening.

But remember, it’s just a small handful of psychopaths, who are making up all the draconian rules, & we are many, they fear the day we unite, & realise our power. ✨❤️

Truth is covid 19 is an illusion.

As is our history. #fakenews

Wake up from the deep hypnotic slumber, by turning off TV/radio & never turning them back on ever again. Unplug from the Matrix.

Turn off TV, & Rona disappears.

Stop complying, & starve communism of oxygen. 😷
Remove the slave signal 👉🏽😷
Take off the mask!!

There’s nothing virtuous about obeying Tyrants.

There’s still time to awaken to the realisation that the Government’s are lying to us.

Truth is going to be more dangerous than the vaccine.

Truth will piss you off, before it will set you free.

Can you handle the TRUTH? ✨❤️

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