Psychedelic Sheep

Do you remember when you first woke up? 👀

That trip, where it was like, hold up, time doesn’t exist, & it’s all an illusion! 👁

When we became realised, about everything in the Universe, then forgot it all again. 😂

A never ending journey, lost to amnesia, that left an internal knowing, that there’s more to life than this physical 3D existence. ✨

That there has to be many alternative realities?

There are, because many Starseeds express unexplainable, esoteric experiences, it’s undeniable that there are many hidden truths, awaiting realisation.

Upon Waking up, one feels compelled to tell everyone, in a bid to assist in the collective consciousness ascension process, you know those feels?

When you’ve just discovered alternative dimensions, but struggle to find earth words to describe it, except to other fellow psychedelic sheep, who seem to get it, the ones who’ve traveled there, who’ve also realised. 👀✨

It’s like waking up with all this knowledge, & information, but not being able to fully articulate it, so ye just don’t talk much about it, post memes sometimes, that kinda help express it, with cryptic captions, what nobody really figures out the true meaning of, because how to explain DMT alternate realities to a normie anyway?

Ye just don’t, they won’t get it, just smile, & nod, & proclaim to be “fine” every now & then, seems to glide us nicely through the daze. 😷

Those who get it thou, they have the inner knowing, the 6th sense, that something ain’t right, that something’s up sense, ever suspicious.

Vibe with those who get it, who have Third eyes open. 👁 & see through the illusions, the magic people. ✨

Tbh, The wisest say little at all. 🔥

It ain’t easy being the psychedelic sheep of the family, if you know what I mean?

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