Vibes ✨

Where’s your vibe at?

Did you attract toxic energy because you were low vibe’n?

Our vibe is our responsibility, quit being so hard on yourself, stand out of your own way, vibe higher, & maintain that higher vibration with your daily actions, activities & habits.

Meditation is vital to keep vibes up, & so as to not allow anyone perpetrate our vibration.

If we can stay in a higher vibration, nobody can knock us out if it.

Our situation & experience, is a direct result of the vibration we are emitting.

The law of attraction.

It’s important to believe in yourself, & trust the guidance of the higher power.

Chanting Mantra, of prayer, will alter our vibration,

if we feel we are being pulled into others fears, chant the holy words, Om Namah Shivaya,

or repeat LOVE, as Love & God are the highest vibration.

What’s your best practice, for maintaining a high vibration?

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