Get addicted to healing

So, you say you “woke up?”

But, let’s be real, you got fooled, didn’t you?

Why? How?

Was the unconscious made conscious, by awareness?

Are you really conscious though?

How aware are you?

Or unconscious?

The best thing I did was give up alcohol & drugs.

Then you really wake up, but only if you clean up & detox!

Why are you hurting yourself? To relive the pain?

Sober up & heal, step out of the chaos, love yourself.

Stop living in denial.

Giving up alcohol & chemical drugs, it’s a game changer.

Explore consciousness, not unconsciousness.

There’s a lot to wake up to.

Be gentle with yourself & others.

Toxic habits create toxic thoughts & manifest toxic outcomes.

Mother Nature has all the organic medicine we need.

Stop poisoning yourself.

Get addicted to healing. Get Addicted to getting into our minds, not out of our minds.

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