Kundalini Activation

Movement & Flow are a fundamental necessity to activate Kundalini Energy.
Otherwise energy becomes stagnant, & energy centres shut down.
Chakras remain inactive.
Move smart, & keep moving.
Tune into our bodies, allow the kundalini Spirit, to guide the energy to where it needs to go, in order to release, transmute, let go.
How do you transmute Energy?
It’s not good to hold on, to attain healthy light body, cut cords often, & practice Spiritual Hygiene , not everyone is allowed in.
Keep our space clean, & our Aura untouched.
Don’t get stuck, move, release, flow, step into the vortex & align to our highest paths.
Book a session with Shakti, for Kundalini Lightcodes, & look on “Book a session with Shakti “ in the menu, for full list of Lightwork services,
Available in person or via zoom, group workshops, Retreat & ceremony. 🙏🏽❤️🔥

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