Who Knows?

Incredible to observe how far some humans will blindly go with untruths, bullshit stories, gossip, & lies! It’s not only those who are asleep, & who follow the convid narrative,like good little New World order slaves, it’s happening both sides of the fence!

There’s so much misinformation & disinformation out there, that many can’t tell the truth from the illusion.

just because you may see through (some) of the deception, & identify as “woke” doesn’t mean you are Awakened, or Realised. 👁

There’s a massive difference between Realising, & Embodying the truth, & some guy on YT telling you what to believe.

Some of you have fallen face first down rabbit holes, 🐇 & it’s dark, you can’t see shit.

So you talk shit.

Stop following fake doctorings, false prophets, & propaganda!

Fuck trying to figure everyone else out!!

Ask yourself,

Do I know Myself?

Who Am I?

Have you realised SELF?

& established healthy Boundaries?practice spiritual hygiene, & conserve the energy field so nobody can penetrate the aura? Or throw us off balance, or out of our natural higher vibration?

Ask yourself,

Do I truly KNOW who I Am?

Do I KNOW why WE came here?

There’s a even bigger difference between being Told, Realising & Knowing.

Are we in a state of knowing?

In tune with our inner guidance & higher knowledge?

Is our intuition clear?

Are we grounded?

How do We Know?

Or have we just been told a load of regurgitated stories?

Fantasy stories, that have grown legs, & turned into Chinese whispers, that we then regurgitate back to the next sheep we meet?

How do you Know that you know?

Meditation is key.

Tune out, to tune in.

Question everything.

Nothing ever is as it seems.


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