A poem about Change

Judgement is self reflective,

Do you realise?

What you see in others,

Can be seen in your eyes.

It may be a quality,

That you really can’t stand,

Stop looking at others,

Look at your own hands.

Change can be daunting,

Scary to some,

They feel very comfortable,

They’re under the thumb.

Change is all we can be sure of,

It happens each day,

If you don’t change with it,

You’ll stay the same way!

Start looking inside,

What do you see?

Is there something you’re doing,

That’s not so pretty?

Change your ways.

Change your routine.

Change your habits,

Get rid of what’s not serving you,

Put down those mindless gadgets!

Turn off the TV,

Watch what you eat.

If you don’t do these things,

Admit your defeat.

We have been controlled for too long, it’s time to be free,

Break away from the system that’s enslaving us.

Create a world for “we” not just for “me”.

-written by Shakti, @ Space Connection in the Indian Himalayas 2014.


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