Conspiracy rabbit holes

TV, Media, & Social Media’s are confusing, & disconnecting society.

There are So many distractions.

Looking into the screen, Is killing human connection, & stunting consciousness, growth & expansion.
Over exposure is Zapping our energy.

Endless information, misinformation, & disinformation, is filtered through the perception of the untrained monkey minds. Human nature is to judge In order to label experiences, so as to feel in control, safe.

But, Nothing is as it seems, & situations are misread by many, Believing lies, while rejecting truth.

Disinformation spreads faster than truth, even by those who claim to “know” the truth, but those who think they know it all, don’t seem to know much at all.

The wise, say the least, yet communicate clearly.

Those with the most to say, seldom stop projecting long enough to take a breath, or silence the mind, & are reactive, & overly emotional.

Many “truthers” are just regurgitating someone else’s truth, a chain of untruths are spread, creating false belief systems,which many more believe. False facts are believed by people who can twist information to fit their own false narrative. Aka their reality.

There’s a difference between having a deep realisation, in a meditative state, & reading disinformation online, & believing it as fact.

A big difference.

Many will never realise the difference.

There are so many rabbit holes, that many trip up, & fall down some, hopelessly, on a downward delusional decent, in a spiral, loosing connection with reality.

There is A distorted perception of what is the Absolute Truth.

Some even claim to know the absolute Truth, who don’t know jack shit.

In this twisted version of the false egos reality, fiction becomes fact, belief systems are built around false information, which determines how all other information is received.

Everyone perceives & processes differently, & uniquely.

At some point humanity will have to put the phone down, turn off tv, and take a breath. Look inward in a deep meditation, & realise.

You can’t google Enlightenment, it must be realised.

Do you realise, it’s time to build New Earth 👉🏽 @new_earth_gathering_

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