Deep thoughts

Transitioning through another rebirth,
feels uncomfortable & uncontrollable.

A resetting is occurring within the consciousness of the Earth & it’s inhabitants. The Earth itself is in a constant transformational flux.

They say we manifest our reality with our thoughts, & with the awareness of higher states of consciousness we can manifest anything we believe. Unconsciously we can also manifest what we don’t want.

With that knowledge, it would pose the theory that the Earth itself has a consciousness, as does the entire universe. Perhaps it’s all connected, all one consciousness?

Having traveled the 4 corners of the planet, I can confirm that there are no flat plains, but that with experience the awareness has been realised of multi dimensions.

The multi dimensional planet we call home, or Earth, with a consciousness, gives life to the manifestation of thoughts. So therefore, does the Earth think?
If it does, it would imply that the earth is neither flat, nor a round spinning ball, but a conscious being, which can expand, & therefore, for the balance, contract.

Deep shit. Some people don’t even question life, they don’t question the government, or ever discover themselves, or our true origins.

Many don’t have the awareness to know what questions to ask.

That’s why we are all on various levels of consciousness.

Some have more awareness of what they manifest, than others, who’s minds are controlled by outer influences, therefore manifesting what life that others want.

Who’s in control of your thoughts? Where do thoughts come from?
What are we manifesting?

Deep shit indeed. @spaceconnection_

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