In other news…

Have humanity totally lost all reason, along with loosing freedoms, & human rights, we have lost respect, lost logical thinking, & lost boundaries?

Is everything covid now?

Has all life lost its meaning, focused in on one fake virus story? & climate change hoax? Blind belief on what a box tells you?

How far has humanity strayed from the connection with the land, with community & with self?

There are so many viruses, why does only one matter? There are very big & real threats in our community, but we aren’t focused on those viruses, humanities Illnesses, like the fucking psychopaths that roam our lands, peadophiles who hunt for our children, dark entities that roam the earth, luring after prey, who feed off the fear that resides in the world! So much fear in the world is keeping these dark entities alive! But we don’t talk about those viruses!

Is everything covid now?
Do Only covid lives matter?

What about the states of depression many are walking around in? The many who seek & need healing, what about the traumatised victims of society, that we have ignored & forgotten?

Do we not want to recognise, or deal with the wounded adults, inflicting their internal fears onto the next generation, in a constant fight or flight survival mode.

Life’s hard enough, we don’t need this covid lies bollix on top of it, and leave off the climate change hoax too, we have enough shit to deal with!

What has the world come to?
When we get treated like criminals for wanting to breathe, but the actual criminals, the Peadophiles & crooked cops, the dodgey lawyers, & Freemasonry Judges, the greedy bankers, & all the other wankers walk freely!!

Or do only covid lives matter?

People are distracted, divided & disrespectful.

Who’s got eachother’s backs, & who will protect the children?

Or do only covid lives matter?

Fuck the hoax.

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