Self Love

Be selective.
Remain celibate until sacred energies align.
Make sure the person you’re investing time & energy into, isn’t cock blocking you from aligning with your highest potential partner.
Remain celibate & conserve your energy field.
Sexual energy is most sacred, it’s not to be taken lightly or passed around freely.
Awareness of sacred sexual energy exchanges, will lead to higher knowledge of self.
Remain celibate, be patient.
Love yourself.
You are your own twin flame.
Balance is key.
Remain celibate until the one appears.
Anything else is low vibrational waist of space time & sacred energy.
Remain celibate & align with the Divine,
until sacred Union.
Love is the highest vibration.
Love will heal us all.
Remain celibate until Love appears.

Make sure your partner isn’t cock blocking you from meeting the one.

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