Align with the Lions

I’m not here trying to convert anyone, because realisations can’t be forced.

This present time is to align, on a higher vibration, with higher frequencies, to reach a higher consciousness, to higher dimensions, with Love in our hearts, & Unity in our CommUnity.

When we elevate, we eliminate.

It’s not the time to try to wake up the sleepers, their time will come, we can’t teach a baby to walk, before they crawl. People have to want to learn, to ask for help.

Anyone who is not a vibrational match, will no longer be in our lives. Perhaps they disappear down to lower vibrations? which we may only catch a glimpse of, when we aren’t maintaining our higher states, when we fall into lower vibes, & negative states.

Only those on higher consciousness states, will gravitate towards us, as we ascend.

Don’t waste anymore time trying to awaken those on other frequencies, they won’t hear you, you’re not tuned into each other.

Tune into those who are tuned into you.

Raise our vibration so high, that we align with the Lions.

Self maintenance requires Spiritual hygiene. Be super selective where we mix our energies, who we allow in our space, who we touch, & what energies we allow to penetrate our aura.

Energy is contagious, as it’s all connected.
We must protect our energy.

Keep our space clean, keep working on self, keep healing, purging, growing, maintain self love.

Be aware of our diet, are we eating live high vibrational foods?
Or processed low vibe dead foods?

Where is our mind chat at?
Are we observing our thoughts, are they all ours?

Are we in our own Loving space? Connected to Source, grounded to Mother Earth?

Or have we been dragged into other people’s fears?

Are we feeding gossip?
or feeding our Souls?

I’m not here to awaken the sleepers, I’m here to align with the Lions.

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