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✨Space Connection is an Alternative & Conscious Event Management company, collaborating with Artists & Visionaries to create Conscious Music Festivals, Welness Retreats, Bespoke Events, & Community Gatherings, Growing Food, & building the New Earth we wish for our Children. Space Connection create magical events, retreats & festivals to suit every celebration. Contact Space Connection to create & manage your event: or connect with Space Connection at our events, sound interesting? Read more….

Conscious Creations

Space Connection travel Worldwide, hosting Unique & Artistic Events; incorporating World Music; Talented Live Acts; Yoga; Wellness; Growing Organic food; Forest schools, Educational Workshops; Shamanic Ceremonies; Cacao & Plant Medicine Healing; Community, & positive energy. 

To Get involed, email a detailed description of your vision to Shakti Ji, Space Connection Event Director; 

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“Don’t fight the system” is live now, watch this documentary with Mark Attwood & Shakti Ji , Share far & wide. We had so vmuch fun making this, hope you Enjoy it as much as we have!
Don’t Fight the System
Lucy Davis & Shakti Ji talk about New Earth
New Earth is seeking large areas of land in Ireland, for Growing Food, Community events, creating full time Eco centres, & Forest Schools.

All land owners with a New Earth vision, please get in contact now ❤️👉🏽

New Earth is waiting for us to build it, a better world is possible. 🙏🏽

26/27/28 AUGUST’22


New Earth are seeking fresh energy ,
Live acts:
Yoga Guides;
Event crew;
Workshop facilitators;
Circus performers;
Space Connection Irish tour continues, with 5 more dates, join in sacred circle for Cacao Ceremony & 5D Activation Soundbath, Shakti Ji will be holding Space.

Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink, the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar,the drink of the gods, panacea and universal medicine. – Geronimo Piperni

Book your Space in Sacred Circle for Cacao & 5D codes on the Space Connection website 👇🏾

• Shamanic Circle
• Cacao Ceremony
• 5D Lightcodes Activation
• Sound-Bath, healing by frequency
• Personalised reading
• Release Fears, call in Love
• Shadow Work
• 7 Chakra Activation & Balance
• Learn skills & tools to navigate 5D
• After Ceremony support & guidance
• Mixed group circle

Strictly no alcohol or recreational drugs. This is an intense Lightwork session, w/Lightcodes Activation & Please respect the ceremonial space, & be open to receiving activation, & letting go, purging toxins.

Booking essential; Limited spaces.
Space Connection Irish Tour March/ April’22 book your space on the Space Connection website

Join Sacred Starseeds, Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Magic Sisters & Brothers, Allow Shakti Ji to hold space for this Divine circle. An evening working with the Spirit of Mama Cacao, infused with, Lightcoded Activation, Sacred Sounds, Light-Language Mantra Singing, Shamanic Energy Healing, & CommUnity.

A New Earth is here, & Gaia is Ascending into the beginning of a New Age, that requires a fresh perspective, clear minds, & to let go of the stagnant third dimensional outdated codes, that have kept us trapped in lower vibrations.

The Spirit of Mama Cacao will aid us on this journey, while bathing in the Cosmic sounds of frequency healing. An evening of higher consciousness, we will sit in Sacred ceremony, & give Thanks, for gratitude is the magic ingredient for positive manifestation. Aquire self healing tools, & receive Shamanic healing, jump into the portal for ascension to 5D & Kundalini Activation, as we light work our way through the subtle body with sound.

Send detailed application by email to: by 22 April’22 to be considered for the next New Earth Tribal Gathering

Order your Ceremonial grade Cacao online @

Heal with the spirit of Cacao plant medicine.

Cacao is a superfood, rich in antioxidants, will aid in improving mood, soothing anxiety, calming PTSD symptoms, lifting depression symptoms, opening & expansion of the heart chakra, boosting endorphins, dopamine & serotonin levels, & much more. Work with the Cacao plant to feel long term benefits.

Order now!

Check out Cacao Connection in the menu bar, & order ceremonial grade cacao; & Book a Cacao Ceremony with Shakti.

Cacao Connection

200grams ceremonial grade cacao


We are here to ascend to higher states of consciousness, @ Space Connection

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